About Us

The Ballet Physique® is a boutique fitness studio with locations in historic downtown Littleton and Lone Tree, Colorado. We offer group exercise classes designed to produce lean and gorgeous muscles through a powerhouse blend of strength training, stretching, ballet, and Pilates. Barre classes are our speciality and our passion. We are continually trying to raise the standard of what a barre class should be, and we’ve created a formula that goes beyond ballet-inspired choreography to deliver an experience for your body, mind, and soul. Whether you are a triathlete or just beginning your fitness journey, The Ballet Physique exists so that you can uncover the best version of yourself. We believe that every person should have the chance to grow strong, feel beautiful, and live a great life.

Our goal is to make every class an intense, challenging, and personally fulfilling experience. To achieve that, The Ballet Physique program is enhanced by a professional team of ballet-trained instructors who understand how to generate rapid results using the safest and most effective techniques. Each instructor will learn your name, offer one-on-one attention, and coach you with a smile through the vigorous class. If you are worried about “not getting it,” you can have peace of mind in knowing that modifications are provided throughout every stage of the workout. You will feel welcome here.

The Ballet Physique® was created by Kristen Zurek, an experienced fitness instructor and professional dancer with 22+ years of training in ballet, jazz, contemporary, and tap. Kristen discovered barre fitness while living in New York City in 2007. She fell in love with the training philosophy, astounded by how efficiently it strengthened her body from the inside out. Post-college, Kristen obtained her group fitness certification through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and developed her own brand of barre classes at a New Jersey fitness club, where she also served as group fitness director.

Our studio’s history began in the fall of 2008 when owner Kristen Zurek moved from New York City to Fort Collins. Dismayed by the absence of barre fitness in Colorado—where it had been all the buzz in Manhattan—Kristen built a website and started teaching barre classes out of a tiny rented dance studio. When her husband, Michael Susek, accepted a new job in Littleton, the couple relocated. It was Michael, in fact, who convinced Kristen to rename her venture “The Ballet Physique.” With a new vision in mind, she began offering private fitness classes out of her makeshift apartment studio—a guest room that had been outfitted with mirrors and a four foot wall-mounted ballet barre. To this day, several of Kristen’s in-home clients are still studio regulars, and they fondly remember the days of working out alongside Charlotte the cat.

Kristen, an entrepreneur at heart, knew that her business’s potential exceeded her small apartment. It was the spring of 2010, and Kristen was teaching barre classes through several gyms and studios in Denver, where the demand for barre was becoming overwhelming. So, she enlisted the help of a broker and discovered the perfect studio space in historic downtown Littleton. She not only loved the unique character of LiDo, but knew that Littleton was an underserved market in need of a boutique barre fitness outlet. With a little bit of seed money, a fresh business plan, and a lot of spirit, The Ballet Physique opened its doors on August 30, 2010. It was the first independently-owned barre exercise studio in the Denver region.

The Ballet Physique® has since flourished into a supportive community of inspiring clients who fuel our passion for providing the highest-quality barre fitness program in Colorado. We have a second location in the Park Meadows region of Lone Tree along with a DVD series that helps our clients stay connected with us anywhere in the world. However, we will always remain committed to our local roots and the personal relationships we have developed with our clients. Thank you for believing in us.