Client Buzz

  • "I have seen changes in my body that I NEVER thought would happen. The results are drastic and will change the image you have of your body forever. I am extremely tight with my money, but have found that I haven't regretted for one minute the cost of my membership at this studio. The barre classes are fantastic, and the customer service matches it. I love that from the moment I walked into the studio all the instructors remembered my name and helped me to personally work on my fitness goals. I can't say enough about the Ballet Physique studio. They definitely have a loyal, long-time customer in me."

    - Katie
  • "Kristen Z. and her amazing instructors give women a workout like nobody's business! They KNOW how to target the problem areas on a woman's body (butt, arms, abs, legs) without using the masculine and traditional workout techniques. It's called BALLET physique because they incorporate ballet positions and moves into the workouts to better sculpt and tone a woman's that you hope to have a body like Bethenny Frankel instead of Jillian Michaels (yikes!). Each class is as hard as the last one! The instructors make it fun yet intense.

    If you have some extra cash each month and want to develop a dancer-type body, this is the place. Most of us who come to class each week are addicted to this workout...despite how painful of a workout it is! It's just one hour in your day...come try a class and you'll see why we can't stop coming back."

  • "All the classes I have attended have been fantastic, and the instructors are all great! I am a distance runner, and I felt like I hit this plateau in my fitness program, and I just couldn't break through it. My body fat % dropped from 17.1% to 16.3% in only 11 classes. I can see new muscle definition in my abs and thighs. The classes really target all my weaknesses. I can't wait to see more results after the spring challenge. Thanks!"

    - Sarah
  • "It's a great boutique studio. The instructors are very motivating, and the class is both fun and brutal. I've never had such an all over workout...I wasn't in great shape when I started, hadn't worked out for several years. My flexibility is amazing now, and I feel so strong. The classes are just as hard as the first day I went. I still grimace and my muscles quiver every time I come. After an hour or so after class, the soreness is gone and I'm half tempted to go back for another.

    I see so many of the same faces working out as often as me that it gives a real family vibe. You feel like a friend at this studio. For those worried that they aren't in good enough shape for this place, the women coming here are all shapes and sizes and ages. The instructors offer modifications if you have knee pain, or back issues. I could go on gushing for many more paragraphs, but it's time to workout."

  • "The Ballet Physique is the most intense yet enjoyable fitness class I have EVER taken. My overall body strength has improved so much over the last few months and I love how great I feel when I leave class. Kristen is a great motivator. She is encouraging and totally non-judgmental. The class changes every week, which I love because in so many fitness classes you do the same thing every time… with The Ballet Physique there is a new challenge and a great variety of different exercises in every class. I was hooked after my first session and I will be loyal to this amazing program for as long as I can! I highly recommend it to anyone who loves a great workout!"

    - Courtney
  • "This studio and the instructors are amazing! I've been hooked since they opened and keep coming back. This is a seriously hard workout but done in such an upbeat and fast paced way, the hour is gone before you know it. The instructors make a point to know your name and encourage you at every step. Try it and you'll be an addict!"

    - Caitlin
  • "I adore The Ballet Physique - it's the only exercise I look forward to doing, but that's not saying it's easy. Kristen teaches a really hard class with great music. My body is changing before my eyes and my fiance keeps commenting that my butt has risen two inches. This class works all areas of the body and it's the perfect workout."

    - Lisa
  • "After Running, Boot Camp, Yoga and Power Sculpt classes, I landed in this Ballet Physique class everyone was talking about. It's now the only thing I do. Within six weeks (at three classes a week), my arms have taken on a new shape, and much to the chagrin of my checkbook, I have to go buy a new wardrobe as my clothes don't fit anymore. And I agree with the other review that my butt has risen two inches. Kristen is a treasure with her knowledge and the way she changes up each class so we'll never get bored. Moreover, she isn't the boot camp commander that other classes are led by."

    - Polly
  • "I have been doing group exercise consistently for 10 years and have tried everything from kickboxing to yoga. I was lucky enough to run across Kristen's Ballet Physique class at the Cherry Creek Athletic club… I became completely HOOKED after just one class. Her style of instruction is easy to follow, yet challenges you past what you thought you could possibly do. I left each class with legs trembling and feeling like I'd done something really intense and fantastic for my body. I recently moved from Denver to Plano, Texas and have been pining for The Ballet Physique like crazy. I can't find anything like it here and am heartbroken, literally! It is the perfect workout, low-impact, but high intensity. No other form of exercise can duplicate it. I had already begun to see results after just a few weeks (2+ classes a week) with Kristen. Previously I'd spent years doing weight lifting and much higher impact type classes, without seeing any change in my body. With The Ballet Physique I saw changes in my seat, arms and abs within a couple weeks. If you are lucky enough to live in the Denver/Littleton area, take advantage of this talented lady and her amazing fitness technique. You will not be disappointed!"