We are thrilled to announce our newest class schedule and formats. With two new class offerings, Barre Forty-Five and Cardio Dance we are confident that you will be getting the best in “dance-based fitness” classes in the Denver metro area.

We have streamlined our classes  slightly in order to promote diversity in class formats across time slots. In other words, if you are a client who frequents our 4:25pm classes, you no longer need to worry about doing the same format of class at 4:25pm( or ant time for that matter) every day. Our new schedule will help you cross train, so that it will be harder to plateau. By switching up your routine, you are ensuring that your body is getting an adequate mix of strengthening, cardio and stretching; thus creating balance.


Find class descriptions below and reserve your spot today. Remember all Cardio Dance classes are free from Jan 1-Jan 8!


Cardio Dance

Bring a sweat towel for this 60-minute class that feels more like a dance party than a workout. Each class features three 10 minute sequences of continuous dance cardio designed to elevate your heart rate and challenge your endurance. Because cardio sets alternate with shorter intervals of seat, thigh, and ab work, you’ll always have an opportunity to catch your breath in preparation for the next cardio party. Don’t fret about not knowing the moves; our seasoned instructors will break down the choreography and commit to repeating the same routines for one month. Through repetition, you’ll gain confidence, coordination, a stronger heart, and measurable results…although, you’ll have too much fun to even realize it!


Barre Forty-Five

Barre Forty Five a brisk-paced, calorie intensive barre workout that only takes a slim 45 minutes out of your day. Think of it as an accelerated version of our signature Ballet Physique class—but with a more confident attitude! Expect the same thorough workout from head to toe, but with simpler choreography and a sharper focus on moderate to high resistance; here, you’ll get to play with all sorts of equipment including tubes, rings, sliders, and weights to build lean and strong muscles in the same time capacity as a 1 hour class. While Barre Forty Five is 100% low-impact, you can look forward to a significant calorie burn through the use of dynamic, multi-muscular movements.