Our Classes

We offer EIGHT unique class formats which are designed to compliment one another and offer a regimen that fuses all three components of physical fitness: strength, cardio, and flexibility. Questions about a particular class? Simply email info@theballetphysique.com.

Ballet Physique®, our signature class, is a high-intensity barre workout that blends strength training with ballet-inspired movement. Designed using the principles of barre technique (working each muscle group to fatigue through targeted isometric movements), this class will effectively produce a body that is more sculpted and lean than ever before. Prepare to chisel your arms, shape your thighs, lift your seat, and flatten your abs from a variety of positions with a mix of evolving and innovative choreography. Although the workout moves at a fast pace, each instructor is adept at delivering specific modifications for beginner as well as advanced students. Consistent attendance in this class will result in better posture, increased energy, lean muscle mass, and even weight loss. Ballet experience is not a pre-requisite.

This mat-based workout combines the body sculpting system used in our Ballet Physique format with key concepts of classical Pilates. Like in a traditional mat class, expect to work your abdominals, seat, and back muscles through a sequence of precision-oriented strengthening and stretching. The goal is to target the body’s smaller, less-utilized muscle groups in order to create a figure that’s polished and balanced with a set of flat, chiseled abs as its centerpiece! In this class, your instructor will emphasize posture, alignment, and breathing techniques to maximize your results. You’ll also enjoy the creative use of resistance equipment such as rings, tubing, and blocks. Because our lives demand that we have a strong core, this is the perfect workout for beginners, barre enthusiasts and Pilates devotees alike.

This hybrid workout will produce lean, sculpted, and lengthened muscles through an accelerated blend of strength training, cardiovascular movement, ballet postures, and an extra helping of deep stretching. During the first 40 minutes of class, you will receive a comprehensive workout from head to toe, following the guidelines of our signature Ballet Physique format. The class moves at a quick pace and does not include breaks, however, students are encouraged to work at their level and will be provided with attainable modification options. To conclude the hour, each instructor will dim the lights and lead clients through an uninterrupted 20 minutes of luxurious stretching on the barre and on the floor. It’s the perfect way to relieve stress, quiet the mind, and further enhance your flexibility.

Rev is an exhilarating 45-minute version of our signature class. It moves at a faster pace with intense, highly efficient exercises and shorter breaks between sets. Like Ballet Physique, each Physique Rev class is designed to work your entire body — you will chisel your arms, shape your thighs, lift your seat and flatten your abs. You can expect to use additional equipment including tubes, rings and blocks to shake up your regular routine. In addition to offering modifications, Physique Rev will feature advanced-level challenges to inspire you to work to your highest potential. This class is suitable for most levels, but we recommend that new students take our 60-minute Ballet Physique format before moving on to this accelerated version.

Glide effortlessly into your leggings with our Skinny Jeans class! It’s a 60-minute lower body workout that combines sets of resistance exercises with sprints of high-intensity cardiovascular movement. On the barre, our instructors will guide you through precise movements that will firm your outer and inner thighs, sculpt your calves, and lift your derriere, while the inclusion of cardio intervals between each strength set will ramp up caloric burn and give some love to one of your body’s most important muscles — your heart! In the second section of class, you’ll perform ultra-targeted shaping moves for your hamstrings and every region of your glutes. To close your workout, enjoy a burst of core training to carve out your waistline and bring incredible tone to your abs.


This 45-minute express class is an accelerated version of Skinny Jeans, which fuses body-weighted strength training, energetic bursts of cardio and ballet-based technique. The sets are strategically designed to tone the outer thighs, trim the inner thighs, sculpt leaner hamstrings, and perk up the derriere. Between each barre exercise, we’ve interwoven three cardio intervals to elevate your heart rate and spike your metabolism—resulting in a major caloric burn! You’ll end class on the floor with an accelerated set of glute and abdominal work to refine the muscles of your midsection and build a strong core. While all levels are welcome, this class moves at an intermediate to advanced pace. And finally…bring a towel, because you will certainly break a sweat!

Cardio Core is a 60-minute core and upper body strengthening class with sprints of intense cardiovascular movement. This is a perfect compliment to Skinny Jean Physique and is a suitable option for anyone seeking to sculpt their abs, perfectly chisel their upper half, or simply torch a few extra calories. The power-packed workout focuses on the three abdominal groups (rectus abdominis, obliques, and transverse), the waistline, and the primary postural muscles of the back and shoulders. Expect a fast-paced, dynamic workout that includes resistance training using hand weights, bands, and balls. In addition, experience carefully placed, highly effective intervals of cardio to elevate your heart rate. This class format ensures that you look just as svelte in your crop top as you do in your jeans! All levels are welcome.

Based on principles of deep stretching, our Yin class will breathe life and creativity into your flexibility routine using props like yoga blocks and straps. In this practice, you will explore a variety of supported floor postures aimed at stretching the connective tissues of the lower body, specifically the knees, hips, and spine. Remember, flexibility is an important component of physical fitness. Stretching properly and consistently will help fortify your barre practice as you increase your body’s range of motion capabilities and enhance the suppleness of your newly sculpted and elongated musculature. Use this passive yoga approach to promote and sustain your flexibility while reveling in the added mental benefits of peaceful meditation. When you treat yourself to this special hour, rest assured that both your body and mind will thank you for it.