March 17, 2020
Dear Friends of Ballet Physique,

When I returned to the studio on March 10, after a family trip to Pennsylvania, I had no idea what we were dealing with. But to be proactive, my staff and I worked together to locate cleaning supplies, modify class sizes, and adopt strict “no touch” policies to ensure the safety of our environment.

Since then, the world has become an entirely different place. We have realized that the only way to flatten the curve is to practice extensive social distancing, according to experts. The responsible decision is to close The Ballet Physique for 30 days. It’s a statewide order from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

Let’s commit to staying home. We owe that to each other. The strength that binds our studio community is not fragile. And remember, the coronavirus will pass. It has to. You’ll soon be pulsing in your favorite barre spot and ready to throw your instructor out the window when they say “just 90 more seconds.” !!!

Until then, please consider keeping your membership active IF you have the financial means to do so. We are an old-fashioned small business and an independent studio—a rarity in the local fitness industry. Not only are we dealing with scarce financial resources, but our talented instructors are hourly employees. They rely tremendously on this income.

You might also consider buying a gift card and storing it on your account for a future date. Some clients have already done this, for which we are grateful!

Some of you may need to suspend your memberships; we will honor 100% of those requests. If you hold a class package, there’s no need to fret about the expiration date. We are prepared to grant flexible and generous extensions on remaining classes. In general, we will take great care to make sure that you can use the services you’ve already paid for.

Now, for the good stuff!

All of our unlimited members are going to receive free access to the BP Streaming Studio for 30 days. If you’re not a member and want to get onboard, you can still snag a 14-day free trial followed by a discounted monthly subscription. With on-demand and mobile access to over 100 exercise videos, the Streaming Studio is truly an amazing program.

If you have further questions about Streaming, contact me directly! My email is:

Keep yourselves healthy, and keep your muscles moving. Strength will prevail.

We love you all!

Kristen Zurek and the Ballet Physique staff