Physique Sweat, is an open level cardio and barre fusion class that brings together the best of our past cardio formats. Designed for students seeking cardiovascular benefits beyond the barre, Physique Sweat is the perfect compliment. It’ll significantly enhance your calorie and fat burn, speed up your metabolism, and even help you lose weight. Also—you will sweat! Research shows that sweat detoxifies the body and enhances skin tone.

The format includes four full-body strengthening sets that focus on dynamic, controlled, compound movements for improved athletic function. Between each strength set, you’ll move and dance your way through fun cardio intervals that cover such diverse styles as kickboxing, tabata, aerobics, and ballet. While mostly low-impact, modifications will be offered for any high impact variations.

Our goal is to create a cardio fusion workout that is effective, safe, and accessible for all bodies. Remember, you are an athlete every time you step up to the barre!

Class times: Sunday at 10:45am with Abbey; Tuesday at 6:00pm with Abbey; Wednesday at 8:15am with Joanna; Saturday at 7:05am with Alison.

Floor Sculpt
 is styled after our signature Ballet Physique class, but is performed entirely on the mat, floor, and under the barre. The advantage of a floor-based class is that you can experience total comfort in the joints while building incredible strength and flexibility.

Just like in any barre class, Floor Sculpt will work your upper body, seat, abs, AND thighs through creative and ground-friendly positioning. But here, we’ll utilize our whole arsenal of equipment: blocks, sliders, bands, tubes, and the can’t-live-without playground ball.

Develop a sharper ability to concentrate on your accessory muscles (hello, inner thighs!), stabilize your core, and fine tune your body control in this workout. If you enjoy Mat Physique and Physique 40/20, this class is practically tailor-made for you!

Class time: Thursday at 6:00pm with Kristen Zurek