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We hope all of our participants are enjoying this year’s 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge! As we move into the final days of the challenge, take a moment to reflect on both your workouts AND your writing. Do you feel calmer, lighter, and more resilient? If so, we’re proud of you. Gratitude is a proven means to cultivating a balanced mind. If you are still getting the hang of it, well….hang in there. Habits that stick take a long time to form. Stay the course, journal as much as you can, and through it all, remember that you always have the support of your class instructors. Even when it seems like no one else believes in you, WE DO!

30 Days of Gratitude ends on Tuesday, November 12.
If you successfully complete 15 classes and make 30 journal entries, you will automatically earn 50 bonus Perkville points (per our studio loyalty program) and be entered for your chance to win $150 for a charity, school, or non-profit organization that you love!

Celebrate with Us on Wednesday, November 13.
Join us for a special Sip & Shop event as we celebrate the culmination of our 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge! We will be hosting a Kloz Party fall fashion trunk show and concluding the evening with a complimentary wine reception after the 4:30pm and 5:45pm classes. Toast to your success with a glass of champagne, shop our Kloz Party trunk show, and mingle with your friends and barre mates.

Thank you for making this challenge such a meaningful experience. And thank you for making gratitude a part of your life.

“I know for sure that appreciating whatever shows up for you in life changes your personal vibration. You radiate and generate more goodness for yourself when you’re aware of all you have and not focusing on your have-nots.” -Oprah Winfrey 

“You can’t be fearful and grateful simultaneously, so if you want to conquer those [emotions], maybe it’s time to train your nervous system to go into gratitude more naturally.” -Tony Robbins

 “Where there is gratitude, there is the realization that we can find happiness and peace even when things are not going our way.” -Ariana Huffington