The Ballet Physique® is a uniquely challenging barre workout designed to produce slender and strong bodies. Inspired by the beauty of the dancer’s physique, propelled by the results of interval training, and highlighted by the stability of a ballet barre, each of our seven class formats will sculpt, strengthen, and stretch every major muscle in your body. The benefits are impressive whether you’re a dancer or have two left feet. Ballet experience, after all, is not a prerequisite for better posture, increased energy, leaner muscle mass, and weight loss.

Our classes lead to a dramatic improvement in core strength and vitality by making correct technique the primary focus of everything. You will learn how to work out with purpose and precision—or what we like to call, training like a dancer. But you’ll have some fun, too. Most of our clients say that the time in class passes very quickly due to the sheer variety of exercises, motivating music, brisk pace, and constant coaching from BP’s knowledgeable teachers. Plus, the workout comes with built-in modifications to help you exercise within your capabilities.

It comes down to this: we are on a mission for results. And we can guarantee that in just one month of 3–4 workouts per week, there will be a difference. You’ll be saying “hello” to leaner thighs, chiseled arms, a tighter waist, enviable abdominals, and a body that moves with grace and dignity. How classy is that?

You don’t have to be a dancer to look like one.