Cancellation Policy
All classes must be canceled 12 hours in advance. A $15 fee will be applied to members who cancel outside of the 12-hour window, while class package holders will have one class deducted from their package, regardless of the class size. We are trying to increase consistency for our staff and accountability for YOU. We can always reserve the right to make exceptions, so call us if you have a special situation!

Cell Phone Policy
Please leave your cell phone outside the studio or securely stored (on silent) in one of the studio cubbies or cabinets during class. If you must have access to your phone in the midst of an on-call situation or emergency, please tell your instructor beforehand. Then, with your phone on silent, you can discreetly leave class when you need to talk.

Protocol For Arriving Late To Class
We know that parking and traffic are two things that can make it hard to get to class on time. In the event that you will be arriving late, please call the front desk. We can set up your equipment and make sure there’s space for you. Otherwise, you may have to wait until a class transition to enter.

When entering the studio after class has begun, be sure to place your belongings in the cubbies outside and remove your shoes. This helps minimize distractions for clients who are working out.

If you are more than 5 minutes late and we have a walk-in client, your spot will be given to that person. Remember, we are happy to hold your spot if you call. To preserve everyone’s experience and ensure a safe workout, we do not recommend entering class after 10 minutes has passed.

Protocol For Leaving Class Early
We always encourage you to commit to the entirety of class. The cool down and final stretching segment are essential to achieving a quality, comprehensive workout. However, sometimes life happens! Please take a moment to communicate with the instructor before class if you need to leave early. In that case, you should leave ALL equipment tidy in your spot at the barre and exit the room as discreetly as possible through the closest door. This ensures that other clients are not disrupted.