Ballet Physique Studio and Philosophy

The Ballet Physique® is a luxury barre studio located in Littleton, Colorado, and we are passionate about elevating the practice of intelligent dance-based exercise. We have seen it change bodies and change lives.

Barre is a technique that produces lean bodies via the principle of muscular overload, which involves working muscles to fatigue through small, high rep movements. The ballet barre is our primary source of equipment. Not only is it a nostalgic ode to a beautiful art form, it gives us the space to balance, hold, and leverage our body in myriad ways. Luckily, every movement performed on the barre is designed to be accessible for you.

You’ll fall in love with our team. Each double certified instructor is also a meticulously trained dancer, and together we are relentlessly focused on proper form. We will teach you how to exercise in the right posture, and from that foundation, results will follow. You’ll become stronger, more sculpted, and increasingly flexible. But we’re just as committed to keeping you injury free through body awareness education and smart cueing.

There’s no need to worry about “not getting it.” Come as your are. Be who you are. Our “dancers” come in all sizes, ages, and levels. Instructors are always prepared with savvy modifications and progressions to ensure that you can get a workout tailored to your capabilities. At the heart of our program is an innovative class sequencing and design model that maintains variety. You won’t ever get two classes exactly alike.

We are a small but exquisite studio. At our barre, we promise that you won’t be an afterthought. You’ll be the principal dancer of your own life’s ballet.

“You are always so much stronger than you know.”