What should I wear?

Your clothing should include long pants, leggings, or capri pants with a tank top or t-shirt. Please avoid short shorts and sports bras that expose the upper legs and midriff. It is important that you keep your body covered and warm to maintain a safe and clean workout environment—and also to promote flexibility. On your feet, we require that you wear socks, and we always have socks that you can borrow in case you forget yours at home.

Do I need dance experience?

Not at all. The Ballet Physique is a group fitness class, not a dance class. We incorporate ballet postures, vocabulary, and variations into the workout, but they are taught at a level that non-dancers can understand. You will learn to work out “with the mind of a dancer.” And soon, you’ll have the body of one, too!

Do you offer a beginner class?

We do not offer a beginner class. Most of our workouts are considered to be “open level” and include modifications for newcomers or those with injuries. In any given class, you will discover people of all ages and abilities. (However, if given the choice, we recommend that new clients try out the Ballet Physique, Mat Physique, or Physique 40/20 formats before moving on to anything that includes cardio).

How many classes per week are recommended?

We suggest taking an average of 4 classes per week, but that number depends greatly on your activity level outside the studio.

Other Questions:

  • Will I lose weight on The Ballet Physique program?

    Yes, you will likely lose weight if you attend class regularly and follow a healthy, clean diet. But try not to focus too much on the scale. You’ll discover a host of other amazing benefits that include: increased lean muscle, beautiful posture, and better fitting clothes.

  • Do I need additional cardio to supplement my workout?

    Yes, and you can get it here at BP. We believe that cardiovascular activity is necessary to a balanced fitness regimen, which is why we offer "Physique Sweat." The format includes four full-body strengthening sets that focus on dynamic, controlled, compound movements for improved athletic function. Between each strength set, you’ll move and dance your way through fun cardio intervals that cover such diverse styles as kickboxing, tabata, aerobics, and ballet. Keep in mind that our Ballet Physique, Mat Physique, and Physique 40/20 formats offer lower-to-moderate cardiovascular benefits. Therefore, many clients prefer to supplement these classes with additional cardio like running or cycling. If you're not sure what is best for your body, come talk to us!

  • How do you compare to other barre programs?

    The Ballet Physique is rooted in the same Lotte Berk Method technique as many other barre workouts. The difference lies in the fact that we are locally-owned and are not a franchise, which means that we can adapt quickly to the needs of our clients and consistently provide outstanding service. It also allows our instructors the flexibility to vary their exercises, choreography and music so that no two classes are exactly alike.

  • How large are your classes?

    Each class is limited to 9 students during this period of social distancing. Regularly, we can have up to 19 students in a class.

  • I have an injury. Is barre right for me?

    It’s probably a good choice. We advise you to consult with your doctor before taking any fitness class when recovering from an injury. However, The Ballet Physique can be made safe for injured students with specific modifications. In fact, it has even been endorsed by physical therapists because of our focus on correctness, which has been proven to help speed the rehabilitation process. Upon your first class, please arrive 10 minutes early to discuss your injury with a BP instructor.

  • I am pregnant. Should I have any concerns?

    Good news! Barre can be an effective and safe exercise method for pregnant women. But everyone’s body is different, so we ask that you provide a doctor’s note before taking class. We also suggest that you arrive 10 minutes early to discuss your pregnancy with a BP instructor. He or she will be instrumental in designing appropriate, comfortable modifications.

  • What class format should I choose?

    Every class comes with modifications and guided instructions, so you don't need to worry about choosing the right one for your level. Pick what sounds most exciting and best oriented to your goals! Note: our class formats vary, but most classes begin with resistance work for the upper body using 2-8lb dumbbells. From there, the class will move to some combination of barre work (for the calves, thighs and glutes) and mat work (for the core).

  • Do I need to reserve my place at the barre?

    Reservations are highly recommended because we have extremely limited class sizes. Drop-ins are welcome to take class ONLY if it is not already full. To make a reservation, visit our online class schedule or call one of our studios.

  • Can a reserved class be canceled?

    Yes, you can cancel classes online or by calling our studio during normal business hours. All reservations must be canceled 12 hours prior to the start of class. Canceling outside of this window will result in that class being deducted from your existing package. Or, if you hold a monthly unlimited membership, you will be charged a cancellation fee of $15. Please contact us in the event of a special circumstance. From time to time, we may reserve the right to waive the cancellation fee.

  • Do you offer private lessons?

    We do. Our standard private lesson rate is $75.00, but we can provide a discounted rate with a package of sessions. If you are interested in scheduling a private before diving into our group classes, just email our studio manager at [email protected]

  • Can I try a class for free?

    While we do not offer a free introductory class, we will give you your first two classes for the price of one ($20.) It’s a great way to try our various class formats and meet our terrific instructors. If you decide after your first class that our workout is really not for you, we will refund you the price of a single class.

  • Do men take your classes?

    Absolutely! In fact, one of our male clients saw such rapid results in his first year as a Ballet Physique student that he stopped visiting his chiropractor. He lost 30 pounds (including 6 inches around his waist) and noticed vast improvements in his posture, balance, and core strength.

  • Do you have any other locations?

    Nope, we're just in Littleton. We like being small and exquisite.

  • Do you have student rates?

    Yes, we offer a 10% student discount on all regular priced packages (excluding our 10-day trial) and a 10% discount on all unlimited memberships.

  • Do you offer group discounts?

    Upon request, we can provide a discount of 10-15% depending on the organization and the type of option purchased. Please inquire at the front desk if your group is interested. At least five members of your organization must sign-up in order to receive the discount.

  • How can I get in touch?

    For general inquiries and to book classes, call 303-955-1698.

    For info on membership suspensions, private lessons, studio rentals, and pricing, please contact Alison Beyers, our Studio Manager:
    [email protected]

    For detailed questions about the workout, instructor recommendations, and injuries/modifications, please contact Heather Watson, our Client Care Manager:
    client [email protected]

    For information about our apparel, accessories, and other merchandise, please contact Abbey Roesner, our Boutique Manager:
    [email protected]

    For anything at all, you can contact Kristen Zurek, Studio Owner:
    [email protected]