We deliver “best in class” barre workouts in a supportive, dynamic, and exquisitely service-focused studio environment.

We design an inclusive environment.

Clients of all sizes, ages, backgrounds, and skill sets are empowered to become their best self when visiting our studio. BP’s tailored and personalized approach lets everyone exercise to their own level, which is intense enough to produce transformative effects, but adapted in a way that lets clients prioritize correctness and technique over fitting into someone else’s mold. Away from the barre, our front desk staff treat our clients like a real family which, in turn, sets the tone for a studio that is remarkably comfortable, welcoming, and unpretentious.

We celebrate authenticity and creativity.

We are an independently-owned studio that you won’t find anywhere but Littleton, Colorado. Our small size means that we can enjoy having a sense of play, the ability to try new things, and flexibility to keep what works and move on from what doesn’t. This helps to keep both members and faculty intrigued and inspired. BP instructors, likewise, are a diverse breed. They design their own classes and are encouraged to let their distinct personalities shine. But one philosophy they all share? They will push you to tackle the technique, master the moves, beat the burn and strive for your personal best.

We develop meaningful relationships.

We love being at The Ballet Physique as much as you do. When we see the joy of accomplishment that our clients experience, we get excited too! Not only are we thrilled to have facilitated positive change in the lives of our clients, we are also motivated to help them keep growing. Without our clients, The Ballet Physique wouldn’t be able to thrive. By developing meaningful relationships with everyone in our community, (actively learning names, giving individualized feedback, and providing encouragement in class,) we are able to make our studio a true “happy place.”

We embrace collaboration, learning and growth.

Our staff is continuously evolving in their craft. From the most veteran instructor to the recently trained, our teachers take classes from each other and discover more efficient ways to execute choreography and cues. We don’t think that workouts should come from a corporate office because each class (and every client with it) has a different set of needs. Our workouts are personalized, not scripted, so that clients will never get the same workout over and over again. And as your muscles grow stronger, so do we!

We pursue excellence.

We commit to delivering an excellent experience for our clients by embedding a high level of detail within everything we do. Our front desk operations are managed seamlessly by an attentive group of front barre specialists who are happy to be at your service. Our group workouts are structured to make you feel empowered, keep you motivated, and show you the results you come to expect. And finally, our luxurious facilities are designed to balance just the right touch of clean, cozy, and modern. It is our hope that by being part of The Ballet Physique community, you will begin to discover excellence in both the large and small details of your own life.