The Ballet Physique Instagram Page

Do you find yourself struggling with motivation to work out from home? Don’t know what streaming video to pick? Ever think you could just skip it, eat ice cream instead, and no one would ever know?

Yeah, us too. We decided it would be incredibly life-giving to have the opportunity to connect with one another, and motivate each other to be healthier, stronger and more accountable to our workouts!

Find us on Instagram @theballetphysique and @theballetphysiquestreaming to hear about our latest streaming releases, recipe ideas, technique tips, and more!

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No matter what life has in store, you can access your subscription from ANY device. We are available on iOS, tvOS, Android, Amazon Fire, Roku, and (of course) your desktop or laptop computer. If you run into any technical issues, your best bet is to get in touch with our streaming support team at [email protected]. For any other questions, contact the Littleton studio. We’re good at solving problems quickly.