Expressing Gratitude and Grace

Throughout our 28-Day Mind Body Tune Up we’ve focused on concepts such as having an openness to learning and change, reducing screen time and living more in the present, and last week we worked on prioritizing “you” with some self-care.

As we enter November and the last week of our Fall Challenge, we now are honing in on practicing gratitude. With Thanksgiving approaching, it’s a great reminder to think about what we are thankful for in our lives, give back to our communities and move forward feeling more mindful.

Here are some ways to express “gratitude and giving back” not only in November but throughout the year.

Write It Down

Did you know that just by making a list of what you’re grateful for can increase positivity? When you write it down, you are choosing to see more of the positive things in your life rather than the negatives that are weighing you down.

By making a gratitude list it allows you to reflect on everything that is going right in your life which can help you feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve your health, deal with adversity, and build stronger relationships.

Why not try it? This week spend about 15 minutes just writing down whatever it is that makes your life positive and makes you feel grateful. Maybe it’s your spouse, your friendships, the fact that you’re able to exercise, etc. Regardless of the source, write it down and then read it out loud. And in a few months, pull it out again for a positive reminder.

Give Back to Others

While we have focused on bettering ourselves through this challenge, think about taking your positive energy and helping those in need in your community. Whether you decide to go through your pantry and donate canned foods to a local food drive, or maybe you have some old coats and sweaters that you could donate to the needy this winter. Or perhaps instead of donating goods, you decide to donate your time by volunteering at a local shelter.

By helping those in your community, you will not only grow as a person but could be providing someone in need with the right building blocks for their future. It’s so important to shift our focus on those around us who are less fortunate than ourselves so that we can begin understanding the feelings of compassion, humanity and feeling grateful for what we have in our lives.

Show Someone How Much You Appreciate Them

So often it’s easy for us to take for granted our relationships in life. Yes, you care about your loved ones, but how often do you express it? This week, make a mindful effort to let your family and friends know how important they are to you.

Maybe you venture to the local coffee shop, bakery, bank, grocery store, post office, etc. on a regular basis. If so, think about paying your service provider or local patrons a compliment. Positivity can be contagious, and by genuinely letting know someone how you feel, could spread from one person to another, giving people a positive moment in their day.

Not to mention, smiling often leads to laughing, and laughing burns more calories. Win-win, right?

As we enter the 4th week of our Fall Challenge, we hope that by making a conscious effort to focus on learning, balance, stillness, kindness, and gratitude has helped you not only become a more mindful human being but has improved your life for the better.

Thank you again to all that have participated. We will be announcing our “spa getaway package” winner next week.

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