Read this celebratory story from our client, Jennifer Wiencek, who never imagined she could enjoy a group fitness class! Get more testimonials on our Yelp, Google, and Facebook pages.

“I had reached a point in my life where working out at the gym independently became less and less a part of my routine.  My motivation seemed nonexistent and I really was stuck in a rut.  The idea of a group fitness program never crossed my mind.  I was never the type to take classes and group fitness intimidated me a lot, so my mindset was always “I can do it on my own”. That mindset worked until 40 hit and my struggle became real! A change was in order and lucky for me my sister in law, Lisa, was willing to help and join any studio I chose.

I ultimately chose Ballet Physique and honestly this has been the best decision. Any misconceptions I had regarding group fitness were squashed after my first class. The BP instructors are impressive and amazing, the workouts are always intense and challenging and the mood/vibe is positive. I know this studio is special.  The instructors make you feel beyond welcomed, they know your name, want to know your injuries and genuinely care about getting the best/safest workout for each client. They push me to my limits and then encourage me to go beyond those limits EVERY SINGLE CLASS.

My gains are not only in my physical state but mental as well.  I am learning to appreciate myself more, I walk with a little extra confidence each day, my clothes fit better and the compliments on my booty transformation do not hurt either. My goals with BP were to strengthen my core, improve my posture, get leaner and lose those unwanted inches.  I am well on my way and have noticed many great changes because of these workouts.  The added unknown bonus was the mental strength gained during the process.

Kristen and team are at the top of the barre game and I am grateful I get to be a part of this studio. Building a business and environment such as this cannot be easy, and the hard work to continuously progress and be better definitely does not go unnoticed from me.  A big shout out to Lisa, my sister in law, for introducing me to Ballet Physique and being my kick-a$$ fitness partner in crime. Without her I would not be on this awesome journey and one day I WILL get lower than her in flat back chair.”

-Jennifer Wiencek