When unpredictable Colorado weather rolls in and disrupts your (very important!) barre plans, it’s best to be prepared. Below, we’re sharing information that will help you navigate our class schedule in the event of dicey driving conditions. If you have any questions, please email [email protected]. During business hours, it’s recommended that you call the front desk at 303-955-1698 to get an immediate answer.

Do you follow school district schedules?
Unlike policies of previous years, we no longer follow the Littleton school district when making weather-related cancellations. Because our staff members reside throughout the entire metro area, we primarily focus on their safety and whether they have reliable transportation to get to class. It’s possible that Littleton schools will be closed, but an instructor who lives nearby is able to teach. We also take into account the anticipated size of the class. If a class has very few registrations, we are more likely to cancel it and less likely to put an instructor on icy roads.

How are cancellations posted online?
Cancellations will appear on Mindbody in red strikethrough text. They will appear no less than 1 hour prior to a morning class and no less than 2 hours prior to an evening class.  That means, 6:00am participants can check Mindbody at 5:01am to confirm that the class is still on the schedule. If it’s 5:01 and the class hasn’t been canceled, we’re planning to hold it! We will also make an attempt to reach all pre-registered participants via text message in the event that a 6:00am or 8:00am class is canceled. Because we cannot guarantee a courtesy text, please use the online schedule as your definitive guide. Check Mindbody and our social media pages before getting on the road.

What’s the deal with late charges on snowy days?
In the event of icy roads and/or traffic backups, we will never charge you for canceling late or not showing up. Bad weather makes late cancellations unavoidable for many of our clients—some of whom drive from 20-30+ minutes away. Now, that doesn’t mean you should stay on the couch drinking pumpkin spice lattes! It’s always recommended that you call us to explain your driving situation. It could be snowing in your neighborhood and not anywhere near the studio, but if you give us a courtesy call, our front desk staff can use their magic powers to waive the late fee.

Luckily, being stranded at home doesn’t mean you have to miss your favorite class! Our Streaming Studio offers a 14-day free trial and with over 100 videos to choose from, it’s the next best thing to the REAL thing!