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Treat Your Ears to Fresh Music

Our October playlists are full of fresh new beats. To follow all of our playlists, search for Kristen Zurek Susek on Spotify!

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Fall in Love with Your Body!

Celebrating 40 days of Fit, don't miss this week's special workshop: ARMed & Ready on Sunday, 10/23 at noon.

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Studio Buzz for October 2016

Join our "Thriller" class on Halloween from 12-1pm and master the moves behind Michael Jackson's famously funky dance!

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10-Days For $20!

Try The Ballet Physique for 10 days with this special new client offer! It's the perfect opportunity to sample our menu of expert-led barre workouts and jump start your results. We are confident that you'll love our tailored approach and inclusive community. Beginners welcome!

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Abbey exhibits unparalleled levels of excitement pulling the winners for this week's Fall Challenge giveaway. Congrats to Frances Kotze and Britta Nelson, who will each receive a DVD set, barre gloves, and pink neoprene dumbbells! ... HideHide

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