BP Studio and Philosophy

The Ballet Physique® is a luxury barre studio with locations in Littleton and Lone Tree, Colorado. We’re 100% locally-owned and are passionate about elevating the definition of boutique fitness. Barre classes have been our specialty for seven years running, and we are continually trying to raise the standard of what a barre class should be.

Our instructors are meticulously trained dancers and certified fitness professionals who understand barre like the back of their hands. Their teaching goes beyond pre-choreographed fitness formulas to deliver an experience that invigorates and innovates: no two classes are exactly alike!

BP barre classes are sharply focused on strength and core training—although, you can get cardio, stretching, and other modalities at our studio, too! Barre, as a technique, is designed to produce lean and gorgeous muscles via the principle of muscular overload, which involves working muscles to fatigue through small range movements and high amounts of repetitions. Because of its simplicity, there’s no need to worry about “not getting it.” Come as your are. Our experts will show you the ropes. We always have modifications and progressions ready so that you can get a workout tailored to your capabilities.

Whether you are a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, pop in to “happy hour at our barre” for the workout that will redefine your body forever.

Email us! info@theballetphysique.com

“You are always so much stronger than you know.”