Back to Basics Family Week

Back to Basics Family Week Join us on January 13th – January 19th for our annual “Back To Basics” week. During this time, our top-notch instructors tailor they’re approach to the basics of barre. Each class will pay tribute to the foundations of barre by narrowing its focus to technique, simplicity, and RESULTS! What a… Read more »

30 Days of Gratitude Challenge

graceful & grateful RSVP for the Sip & Shop Email [email protected] or RSVP at the front desk! We hope all of our participants are enjoying this year’s 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge! As we move into the final days of the challenge, take a moment to reflect on both your workouts AND your writing. Do… Read more »

28-Day Ballet Body Challenge

Pre-register for our first ever ONLINE fitness challenge and discover a body that moves with strength, grace, and dignity! Between September 16 – November 1, you will be challenged to complete 28 days of transformative workouts using our Streaming Studio platform. Each week comes with a pre-formatted “workout menu,” which has been expertly curated to… Read more »

Summer at The Ballet Physique!

Free Streaming Class! You’re invited into our Littleton Studio to take a FREE Physique 40/20 class this coming Friday, July 12th at 10:45 am. The class will be recorded via a go-pro camera mounted to the wall—you won’t even notice it!—and the video will be uploaded to our Streaming Studio as a “Live Class.” Sign… Read more »

Mind Body Tune Up Blog | Week 4

Expressing Gratitude and Grace Throughout our 28-Day Mind Body Tune Up we’ve focused on concepts such as having an openness to learning and change, reducing screen time and living more in the present, and last week we worked on prioritizing “you” with some self-care. As we enter November and the last week of our Fall… Read more »

Mind Body Tune Up Blog | Week 3

Prioritize Your Restorative Practices So often we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our lives and never sit back and prioritize what it means to give ourselves even 10 minutes of personalized time. Whether it’s taking a moment to enjoy a cup of coffee, read a chapter of a book, or even… Read more »

Mind Body Tune Up Blog | Week 2

Go Old School and Reduce Screen Time! How many hours a day do you spend on your phone, computer or tablet? While checking an email and scrolling through Facebook may seem like something you do briefly when you’re bored, Americans, on average, are spending around 6 hours a day on their devices. Imagine what you… Read more »

Mind Body Tune Up Blog | Week 1

Openness to Learning and Change Humans are creatures of routine. Our habitual brains are hardwired to do the same thing day in and day out so we can set realistic expectations and don’t have to fear the unknown. For some, each day could be consist of a routine of waking up, hitting the gym, going… Read more »

The 28-Day Mind Body Tune Up

October 15 through November 11 This year’s fall challenge is designed to strengthen your body and ignite your soul through a focus on mindfulness—in class and in life. For 28 days, we will immerse you in activities that foster learning, growth, balance, restoration, kindness, and gratitude. Ultimately, we want to help you become a more mindful… Read more »

Barre Etiquette

Cancellation Policy All classes must be canceled 12 hours in advance. A $15 fee will be applied to members who cancel outside of the 12-hour window, while class package holders will have one class deducted from their package, regardless of the class size. We are trying to increase consistency for our staff and accountability for… Read more »